Sabbatical Week 4: Go West …

This week took me out to El Paso to visit family, friends, and the mountains – it was good to be back in my hometown. Most people I know either love or hate El Paso, no in between seems to exist. As for me, I LOVE El Paso and all of the incredible things that the high desert has to offer.

**Pssst – that tiny white line on the horizon is White Sands National Park**

Some of the top spots during the trip included:

H&H Car Wash – Best breakfast in El Paso
Charcoaler – Good old fashioned burgers
Old Mesilla, New Mexico – Check out the Silver Assets store – best one there for jewelry
Chope’s – Get the relleno
Double Eagle Steakhouse – The best bar in Old Mesilla, hands down
Forti’s Mexican Elder Restaurant – An old family favorite

Next week I will be back to business … until then, I will be dreaming about the mountains and mountains of green chili!

Chope’s bar and restaurant in La Mesa, New Mexico on the back road to Old Mesilla.

PS – All digital wellness activities continue with success – more on that next time.

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