That’s a wrap on Spring 2023

This whirlwind of a semester has come to a close and Summer vibes are floating through the halls at UT … students are gone, offices are empty, and the hallways are quiet. As we head into Summer hibernation mode, I wanted to share some of the fun projects I have been working on this semester with some fabulous PhD students and colleagues at UT …

Latest Journal Publications …

  • Hendricks, Abby, and Laura F. Bright (2023), “Influencer Trends Shift: The Psychological Predictors of Influencer Engagement on Instagram,” Journal of Social Media in Society, Vol 12(1), pgs. TBD.
  • Jang, Haneul, Eunjoo Jin, Laura F. Bright, and Gary B. Wilcox (2023), “#Sponsored by a Robot?: How the Human-Likeness of Virtual Influencers Influences Purchase Intentions Toward Sponsored Products,” Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation, Vol. 2(4), pgs. TBD.
  • Sussman, Kristen L., Lindsay Bouchacourt, Laura F. Bright, Gary B. Wilcox, Michael Mackert, Aliza Norwood, and Brandon Altillo (2023), “COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitation on Social Platforms: A Textual Analysis of Social Media Mentions in 2020,” Digital Health, DOI: 10.2196/preprints.29569.
  • Sussman, Kristen L., Laura F. Bright, and Gary B. Wilcox (2022), “Impact of Facebook’s automated placements: Advertising outcomes by placement, platform, and device,” Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, DOI: 10.1108/JRIM-10-2021-0265.
  • Lim, Hyun Joo, Laura F. Bright, and Gary B. Wilcox (2022), “Is Repetition Really the Key to Success? The Impact of Ad Repetition and The Power of “Likes” on Facebook,” Journal of Interactive Advertising, DOI: 10.1080/15252019.2022.2106327.

Upcoming Conference Presentations …

  • Iyer, Pooja, and Laura F. Bright (2023), “Transformation of the Advertising Industry: Big Data and AI make a case for revised Advertising Curriculum,” Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference, Washington D.C., August 7 – 10.
  • Alavi, Setareh, and Laura F. Bright (2023), “Navigating the Negative Impact of Algorithmic Mediascapes on Advertising: Exploring the Impact of Social Media Fatigue, Privacy Concerns, and Algorithmic Media Content Awareness on Advertising Avoidance,” International Conference on Research in Advertising, Bordeaux, France, June 29 – July 1.
  • Ghosh, Charulata, and Laura F. Bright (2023), “Examining the relationship between consumers’ self-disclosure and digital advertising on Facebook post Cambridge Analytica,” International Conference on Research in Advertising, Bordeaux, France, June 29 – July 1.

Excited to see what the next few months bring with new research projects percolating and making a shift into some emerging topic areas for my first author work. And, you can’t beat a Summer trip to France for an academic conference – off we go!

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