Aspiring Leaders Academy Graduate – Woohoo!

It has been another incredibly busy year on the forty acres at UT – loads of students to teach, lots of research to conduct, and of course many administrative duties that need attention. Hence, I have not had much time to stay updated with my posts here :).

The most exciting thing I was able to participate in at UT this year was the Aspiring Leaders Academy offered through the Provost’s Faculty Development Office. This program was designed to teach aspiring leaders about management frameworks, dealing with the academic environment, handling difficult people and situations, as well as time management and work-life balance. It was an amazing program and I was able to meet 14 new friends in my cohort who provide valuable connections across our vast campus network. We all completed the program and graduated on April 19.

Beyond the leadership academy, here are the research projects that I had the pleasure of publishing with my doctoral students and research partners this year:

Published Journal Articles …

Iyer, Pooja, and Laura F. Bright (2024 – In press), “Navigating a Paradigm Shift: Technology and User Acceptance of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Among Advertising and Marketing Practitioners,” Journal of Business Research, Accepted April 27, 2024.

Alavi, Setareh, Pooja Iyer, and Laura F. Bright (2024 – In press), “Algorithmic Awareness and Advertising: Implications for Consumers and Brands,” Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing, Accepted March 15, 2024.

Sussman, Kristen, JoAnn Sciarrino, Gary B. Wilcox, and Laura F. Bright (2024 – In press), “Audience Response to Brand Activism: An Alignment Evaluation Framework,” Journal of Brand Strategy, Accepted December 15, 2023.

Published Book Chapter …

Sussman, Kristen, Jiemin Looi, Laura F. Bright, and Gary B. Wilcox (2024), “How Does Fear Drive the News of the Day? Examining Topic Salience During Trump’s Transition of Power,” In The Darker Side of Social Media: Consumer Psychology and Mental Health, Scheinbaum, A.C. (Ed.), London: Routledge/Psychology Press. ISBN: 9781032530680
DOI: 10.4324/9781003410058.

Upcoming Conferences …

Lee, Jihye, Laura F. Bright, Hyunji Kim, and Mikayla Francisco (2024), “Data for good in advertising? A computational analysis of social media advertisements for U.S. public benefits programs,” International Communication Association Annual Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, June 20 – 24.

Fun press mentions …

Saric, Ivana (2023), “Why TikTok retains is popularity, despite users having security concerns,” Axios,, published July 13, 2023.

Kaur, Anumita, and Maham Javaid (2023), “Download. Scroll. Post. Repeat. New social media apps are exhausting us.”, Washington Post,, published July 7, 2023.

Moore, Megan (2024), “Matthew McConaughey’s commercial experience landed him a unique teaching gig,” The List,, published January 17, 2024.

It will be nice to welcome the Summer this year as it will include lots of transitions to new roles within my department, different research topics to tackle, and a new course to prepare for Summer school.

Off we go!

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