Blog Feeds to Follow

As we all know, the flow of information we deal with each day can easily become very overwhelming. Many years ago I adopted Google Reader to help manage the blogs and websites I enjoy following – it allows me to organize my feeds by topic area while always being up to date on the latest content. In this regard, it has been a huge timesaver as it aggregates information into a central location – it is my own personalized daily newspaper!

Here are a few blogs / online media outlets that I enjoy following. This is not a definitive list by any stretch – I am always adding new sites, trying them out and then amending the list when I need to:

Blog / Online Media List
Ad Age Digital
Advertising Lab
A List Apart
Behavioral Insider
Boxes and Arrows
Conversion Rate Marketing Blog 
Cool Hunting
Daring Fireball
Derek Powazek
Fast Company
Metrics Insider
NYT Media and Advertising
Presentation Zen
Research Brief
Signal vs. Noise
TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

And a few just for fun …
If we don’t, Remember me
Impossible Cool
Nerd Boyfriend
Style Rookie

Hope you find something great to add to your daily feed!