Script to Screen Commercials Class

This semester I have the extremely unique opportunity to co-teach with our UT Minister of Culture, Matthew McConaughey, and another film professor, Scott Rice from Two Shot West Productions here in Austin, Texas. The course does a critical analysis of all of Matthew’s commercial work including Salesforce, Lincoln, and Wild Turkey. There is a great deal of experiential learning happening with in-person visits from the Salesforce creative team, commercial directors, and creative professionals from the advertising and film industries. Students deconstruct the creative process behind each of these brands and then get to learn from the creators themselves about how it all came together for the chosen campaign. The picture below is from a recent class where we interviewed the Salesforce creative team to teach the students about how the commercial for “The March” was created. A wonderful learning experience all around – with special thanks to the student film crew who produced the whole show!

Salesforce Creative Strategy Head, Darren-Brady Harris, joining us for class in February 2023.

And, here is the commercial that we analyzed:
“The March” Salesforce Ad