Central American Study Abroad Programs

I am excited to attend the American Academy of Advertising conference this coming weekend in Seattle, Washington to discuss how to develop study abroad programs with digital technologies embedded into the curriculum – I will be there with our tour guides, Tony and Oscar, from Explore505 in Nicaragua. They are helping us develop an interdisciplinary study abroad program in Central America with visits to both Panama and Nicaragua. The program will run this May and is a collaboration between myself and Adam Fung from the School of Art. Students will be able to complete courses in New Media as well as Advanced Drawing. Off we go!

An academic panel with Jong-Hyuok Jung (moderator), Jane Kucko, Jacqueline Lambiase, Catherine Coleman, James Ebel, Huizhen Du, Wonsun Shin, Laura F. Bright, Karen Lancendorfer, Spencer, Anthony, and Oscar Gomez (2016) – Entitled “Strategies for Developing Study Abroad Programs in the Global Era” at the American Academy of Advertising Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington, March 17 – 20.